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How To Plant Potatoes with a Valley Oak Wheel Hoe

Posted by David Grau on

Originally Posted on March 02, 2016

Planting Potatoes is Easy

Here in California it's warm enough to start preparing the spring garden. In  this video, David Grau demonstrates how to plant potatoes using the Valley Oak Tools Wheel Hoe with a 12" Stirrup Blade attachment and a Furrower attachment.

You can use other garden tools to plant your potatoes, but the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe makes the job much faster and easier.

If possible, buy seed potatoes at your local feed store or nursery. They will sprout in cool soil, but the tops are frost sensitive.

Plant them in a furrow, 10 inches apart in rows about 30 inches apart. You will need the 30 inch spacing for soil that you will hill around the stems as the season progresses.

Watch the video below or scroll down for the highlights.

Potato Planting Video Highlights

1. Clear weeds with a 12" Blade Attachment.

2. Plow a furrow with a Furrower Attachment.

3. Plant your potato starts in the furrow.

4. Cover the potato starts using the Furrower on both sides.

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  • Potatoes ought to be planted out after the peril of ice has gone, typically late-spring. They ought to be planted at around 10-12.5 cm down and 30-37 cm separated with 60-70c m between each column.

    Ella on

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