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solid broadfork

We have very heavy clay soil in West TN, and the five-tine broadfork performs as promised. It easily breaks up soil that has never been tilled yet is light enough for the kids to use. Great tool.

Waited 4 years too long

I saw this cultivator 4 years ago. Bought a cheap one. Didn't last 2 years. Looked at this Valley Oak cultivator again talked myself out of it. Broke a borrowed cheapy from a friend, the weeder blade snapped. 6 days later I have a Valley Oak Wheel Hoe. Simple putting it together.(bigger picture needed for directions) Just weeded 4- 100ft. Rows of tomatoes. Wow was I short sighted. This product is worth every penny. Now I can clean up weeds at 5am and not disturb my neighbors. Thank you Wheel Hoe.



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