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A tool that has the job mastered and the compitition too

Weeding? Loosening up capped soil? It 's got that mastered all right and it's easy to push , 'very well made and presented. ('I haven't tried the ridger/furrower, but I have no doubt that will work equally as well.) I have been pushing wheel hoes from age 14, so nearly sixty years! ( not all the time though'!!!). Jalo was my preferred make back in the U.K. (And the Jalo can straddle the crop rows and adapt to double wheels.) But Valley Oak, have a great machine , easy handle design making it so comfortable to push. Made in America, not China! Yes, its highly rated by me, a great time saver and good exercise! It's a winner, with an organic D.N.A. (cut the chemicals.) Thanks Valley Oak, for great service too. John Dunsdon. (Gardening in Devon England, Douglas City, U.S. and Los Barriles, Baja, Mexico.)

Just now getting broken in after 4 seasons

I purchased my Valley Oak Wheel Hoe, 4 seasons ago for my 4000 Sq. foot garden. I will even expand it's role this year with a Gardening Project at my employment company's volunteer project garden (this includes several garden sites in urban areas). Davis Grau not only builds the strongest designed wheel hoe on the market (I own two antique models I occasionaly use), but he is willing to build improvements that can also be retrofitted to your older model! Why buy a cheap item that not only will wear out in a few years, but won't do the job you intended it to do in the first place. Valley Oak builds a wheel hoe you can pass on to the next generation, my 14 year old son loves to use ours because it takes so little effort to cut under the soil. Do yourself a favor and buy a Valley Oak Wheel Hoe for a lifetime of quality that won't break down, and any accessories you may need (I simply love to use the 4 tine rake when I want to clean out a row of weeds). David Grau builds great, "Made in America" gardening equipment and is expanding the line. Next i plan to get his Broadfork for Indiana clay based soil.



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