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"Great wheel hoe"

Ordered this wheel hoe with the 8" tall blade, the 4 tine cultivator, and the steel wheel for incorporating compost into our beds. First, the wheel hoe is very hefty and well made. It is heavier than I thought it would be and was pleasantly surprised! I ordered the Valley Oak because it is adjustable without tools, you can changed attachments easily and its steel construction. The good thing is, if you forget it outside it won't rot like wooden handled hoes. Very happy here. I use this every other day and sharpen the blade every couple weeks. You can go through very tall weeds with this guy and it works well! Thank you Valley Oak!

"Spendy but very strong and effective"

I've used this broadfork in some sandy clay loam soil that compacts very easily. I had used a rototiller for 2 years since turning over the garden with a backhoe to remove all the large rocks. In the 3 years I've used the broadfork I have noticed that there was a layer of hardpan from the tiller I had to break through, each year it has become increasingly easier to broadfork and the soils have stayed much more open from year to year. This tool has also been invaluable for removing rocks... I know the manufacturer wouldn't recommend it for this and I wouldn't either but i have WRENCHED on some rocks the whole time thinking I was going to crack a weld and it has held up great. I would buy another one if I needed to.



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