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Valley Oak Tool Newsletter April 4

Posted by David Grau on

ReWilding with Sherri Scott of GRUB Grown Nursery

      Common weeds have a bad reputation for being invasive and uninvited guests in your garden space. But what if we embraced them by making more room for them to grow, and actually ate them? Sherri Scott, plant nursery owner, has a passion for introducing these wild plants, like Dandelion, into our diet, which she calls a "rewilding" of our taste buds. Scott says the bitter flavors of these plants actually help our bodies digestive systems, and growing these native weeds and plants requires much less water than other plants, and are much more nutritious.
     Watch this video of Sherri Scott below to get more detail...

Why Spend More on a Valley Oak Wheel hoe?

Because you’ll really spend less. Less time on your hands and knees, less pain in your wrists and back (truly ergonomic handle design), and less frustrations with a wheel hoe that is less than superb.. In the long run, and EVEN IN THE SHORT RUN, you’ll be glad you bought the very best. We guarantee. Just listen to what our happy customers have to say!



“We are happy with the wheel hoe. It's a lot easier to use than wrestling around with the rototiller. Quieter, too. Once you stay ahead of the weeds, it is just really easy to use.”

Steve Zimmerman

Rudolph, WI


“Your hoe is our 1st line of defense in weed control and the furrower does all of our potatoes and garlic.”

Wayne Berry

Berry Patch Farm

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