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Valley Oak Tool Newsletter March 23

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Pine Creek Flowers

     Craig and Emma of Pine Creek Flowers believe in growing organically because it is not only good for the health of the Earth and water supply, but the health of the pollinators as well. They believe in cohabitating with the creatures that share the land. They recognize the importance that the bees and other insects have for the health of the land they grow on.
     They are known for selling gorgeous bouquets, bursting with color and flair at their local Saturday and Thursday Farmer's Market's in Chico California. Growing a wide variety of both perennial and annual flowers, such as Peonies, Dahlias, Chinese Forget Me Nots, Ranunculus, Anemonies, Lilies, Sweet Peas, Cosmos, and many more.

Find them at the Saturday Farmer's Market in Chico California.
Watch our latest YouTube video on Pine Creek Flower Farm

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