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Winter Gardening with GRUB Farm

Posted by David Grau on

Originally Posted on February 03, 2016

Here in the northern Sacramento Valley of California, we are thrilled to be experiencing a wet winter after four years of drought. But even with above average precipitation, water supplies will be limited next summer. But, that doesn’t mean you should forgo a spring and summer garden. Wherever your food is grown, it takes precious water, and a careful home gardener can grow food with less water than the industrial farms use. Keep gardening!

This is the time of year for ordering your seeds (and of course tools as well). Here in Chico, you can be starting seeds of lettuce, spinach, chard, and also tomatoes. You can sprout them in the house, and then move them to a cold frame, or if you have one, a greenhouse. Growing your own food without fossil fuels for tillage or transport is an act of Earth healing, as well as the path to the freshest, most nutritious, and tastiest vegetables.

We stopped by the GRUB C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) farm here in Chico, California and asked farmer Lee Callender to tell us what’s happening on their farm in January. Check out this video to see for yourself.

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