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Introducing our Garden Hand Tools

Posted by David Grau on

Garden hoes, picks, cultivators and other hand tools

Our customers asked for professional quality hand tools to cultivate, weed, and harvest in even the tightest spots of your garden. We searched for tools that matched the workmanship that we put into our broadforks, wheel hoes, and other garden accessories.

These tools are crafted by Japanese toolmakers who continue the metalworking traditions of the samurai sword makers. Click a photo for more info about the tool.

Kana Scraper Weeder with Short HandleHori Hori Garden Knife with Serrated Stainless Steel BladeJapanese Kama Garden SickleSaw Tooth Garden SickleBachi Hoe Garden WeederWindow Hoe Garden WeederIka Hoe Garden Weeder and Cultivator Forged Pick Hoe with Short HandleRazorsaw Professional Garden Folding SawMont Blanc Pull WeederProfessional Garden Scissors Trimming ShearsProfessional Garden By-Pass PrunerWeed Scraper Weeding Hoe with Short HandleWeed Scraper Weeding Hoe with Long Neck and Wood HandleWeed Scraper Weeding Hoe Left Handed with Short HandleV-Shaped Scraper Weeding Hand Hoe

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