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Broadfork Season

Posted by David Grau on

Originally Posted on March 01, 2014

Broadfork SeasonBroadfork Season is upon us! Working up new ground for a garden with our broadfork is a pleasant way to spend some time outdoors while listening to the birds.

We had a chance to get out the broadfork to work up some soil in our trial garden. It was a week or so after our first rain, and the soil was perfectly moist enough to do some broadforking.

If the soil is too dry, the fork will not go in to the fullest depth, and it is best to get the tines in deep, to help aerate the soil for the plant roots which will grow there.

Starting Seeds, Indoors and Out

Direct seeding can begin in some warmer areas. We've started seeds of chard, radish, and lettuce outside. We're also planting seeds to start indoors, for later transplanting. Tomatoes, eggplants, basil, peppers, and other plants that need a head-start are all going into planting flats. We'll have plants to set out by the time the weather is warm enough to put them out in the garden.

Spring Pruning

We've been thinning out the dead canes in the raspberry patch. It is easy to tell which canes to cut, as the healthy ones are starting to leaf out. Other deciduous trees and shrubs are leafing out, or—in the case of peaches, almonds and apricots—flowering. You can still do some light pruning on fruit trees, especially if you notice some frost-damaged branches.

We hope your garden is looking more and more vibrant each day.

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