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Broadforks Comparison - Valley Oak Tool Company Broadfork Chart

Choose Your Broadfork.

Not sure which broadfork is right for you and your garden? Use this handy comparison chart to help you choose.




5-Tine Broadfork

5-Tine Steel Broadfork

7-Tine Harvester

7-Tine Harvest Broadfork
Weight 16.5 Lbs 20 Lbs.
Height 46.5 - 48 inch handles, about 60 inches total 46.5 - 48 inch handles, about 60 inches total
Handle Width (Inside)
19.5 inches 18 inches
Tine to Tine Width 18 inches 16.5 inches
Tine Length 12 inches 12 inches
Tine Spacing 4.5 inches 2.5 inches
How's It Different . Breaks soil into smaller clods. Ideal for harvesting tubers.
Price $


Our 5-Tine Broadfork is what people commonly use for tilling and breaking through  their soil. Our 7-Tine Broadfork has been occasionally available for sale and is used for harvesting from the garden and not for breaking up soil.

In the past we have made 4-Tine broadforks and you will see them in our photos and videos. They are not available for sale now.

Please call us if you need further assistance. 530-342-6188

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