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Broadfork Reviews - Valley Oak Tool Company Broadforks

Gardeners and Market Farmers love the Valley Oak Broadfork!

I love it! It's one of the best garden tools I've ever used. It's really balanced for my body. Thanks for making a good tool.

Todd Dalatto

5 Tine Broadfork in garden

I've been looking at broadforks for quite some time and am quite sure I just purchased the Cadillac of the lot. The engineering is superb as is the quality of the materials and workmanship. I've sent photos or called many of my friends telling them that I just bought a "human powered" rototiller. And then I add, "It just doesn't do the 'roto' part."

I also tell them that if they had one, they won't ever again have the need to go to the gym for a workout! Yes, I probably over did it that first day! But, I wouldn't trade it for anything I've used in the past to work up a seed bed. Even my wife had to try it out. And, her 91 year old mom can't believe how good the garden looks!

Ted Mattson
Palmer, Alaska

I finally got a chance to use my brand new broadfork this past week and it was such a pleasant experience that I’m back to order a wheel hoe!

As a 59 year old woman of small stature and crummy knees, I had just about decided my days with the turning fork were numbered. My soil is gravelly creekbed and turning it over each year was back-breaking. This year, with my brand new four-tine broad fork, I had no trouble digging my beds AND planting all my spring vegetables in one day!

The weight was perfect when it was just dropped into my beds, sinking in firmly with no effort on my part at all. Any small rocks or obstructions were a cinch to overcome by just standing on the fork and rocking back and forth. And frankly, because of these darn rocks, I was drawn to Valley Oak’s design that included the reinforcing flanges that prevent the tines from bending. Bravo! I LOVE it! I can’t wait to get my wheel hoe with weeder-blade, cultivating tines and furrower attachments.

Thanks so much for your advice and suggestions on the telephone. I can’t remember when I could call a business (twice!) and have the owner answer the phone. Your service is so prompt, I know I’ll have my new items LONG before my summer vegetables need to go into the ground.

Rayann Hicky
Hartsville Tennessee

It's just dandy – I just used it to turn the beds for my potatoes and it worked great.

Jimi Logsdon
Chico, CA

The Valley Oak broadfork is one of the handiest tools that the organic gardener could have in their shed!

It is an efficient tool and an appropriate technology. My hard-pan creating, petroleum driven, worm pulverizing mechanized monster has been effectively replaced by this simple tool that maximizes human effort and works with nature. Serious gardeners will be pleased with the superb craftsmanship and thought that is so obvious in this tool.

I was very impressed with the metal portion: strong thick gussets, sharp robust tines, and a wide hefty stepping platform. No planned obsolescence here! The ease with which one can significantly improve soil composition to a depth of 12" is remarkable. This is a product that I am happily recommending to all my gardening friends.

Lucas Smith
Boone, NC

Valley Oak Broadforks collection

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Amazing tool

Andrea on Sep 21, 2022

I bought the 5-tine broadfork after looking at many others out there, your quality was what I wanted. It has been an absolutely necessity on our farm! We live in area where there are many huge rocks and this tool has withstood the difficult task of tilling and bringing up the rocks without breaking or being damaged. Even my husband has commented on what a phenomenal tool choice this has been.