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Valley Oak Wheel Hoe Garden Cultivator

  • $330.00

Wheel Hoe with steel wheel easily cuts weeds and cultivates your garden. Ergonomic adjustable handles reduce fatigue. FREE SHIPPING

The Valley Oak Wheel Hoe is ideal for weeding close to delicate plant rows, and it's healthy for the environment. Jobs that once took days will take only hours with the help of our wheel hoe and its many attachments.

Package includes:

  • Wheel Hoe with steel wheel
  • One Blade-Assembly attachment of your choice

Learn more on the Wheel Hoe information page.>

The Valley Oak Wheel Hoe has been a vital part of our intensive weed management strategy. The different attachments and the high quality of the tool allows us to quickly weed large portions of our acres in a short amount of time.
Matthew Sylvester, Happy Acre Farm

The wheel hoe is our favorite tool and is almost in constant use. We actually have two and one is set up as our furrower. Your wheel hoe helps us accomplish 90% of our cultivation.
Donald Beckwith, Meadowood Farm

The first day I had the wheel hoe, I weeded more in a few hours than I can typically do in a good day! The only question I have is, why didn't I have this 10 years ago? Thank you!
Kasey Klingensmith

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