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Wheel Hoe Questions - Valley Oak Tool Company Wheel Hoes

The Valley Oak Wheel Hoe - Frequently Asked Questions

"Is it really heavy? Will it be too hard for me to handle?"

We hear this question a lot. The Internet is great, but there's nothing like holding a tool in your hands for the first time. Your first impression using the wheel hoe is going to be: "Wow, this thing is surprisingly light!" We designed the wheel hoe to be used by all gardeners. It's rugged & sturdy, but it's easy for almost everyone to maneuver. We've never got a complaint from a customer that the wheel hoe was difficult to use.

Valley Oak Wheel Hoe and a Yorkie

"The videos are of your nice garden soil. I have really tough clay soil, will it work in my soil?"

Yes, it will work very well in clay soil. Depending on the composition of your dirt, it may run from moderately easy to semi-difficult to use the wheel hoe. It's hard to tell. But using the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe to work amendments into your soil will improve the composition, so working the soil will become easier year after year. There's no increased risk of breaking the tool in clay soil, it's built to last no matter what, plus it's covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. So order with confidence.

"My garden isn't flat, can I use it on uneven ground?"

You should be able to use the wheel hoe on sloping ground. If it doesn't work for you, you can send it back.

"How long is the wheel hoe going to last? I don't want a tool that looks nice but falls apart after a couple seasons."

The Valley Oak wheel hoe is designed to last for many seasons of tough use.  Some of our earliest wheel hoes (we've been making them for over 20 years) are still in use on farms here in Chico.  David has improved the design many times since those early days.  We've reinforced the handles, simplified the chassis system & added the steel wheel.  We almost never have someone return a tool they've purchased from us.

Where are your tools made?

All our Valley Oak tools are MADE IN THE USA. They're hand made by our team of welders and machinists from raw steel we have delivered locally. We're proud to put our local community to work and still be able to offer our customers a great product at a fair price.

Is the wheel hoe shipped assembled?

Because it would require too big of a box to put everything together, we ship the wheel hoe mostly assembled. The simple >>> DOWNLOAD THE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS PDF <<< are provided. Assembly is simple & easy and only requires a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver.  It should take less than 10 minutes to put everything together.

Valley Oak Wheel Hoe garden cultivator