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Want a better way to maintain your farm or garden?

  Wow!!!! I was just able to put the wheel how to the real test. What used to take me a few hr to till and hand weed, just took me less than 30 min with your tool! I'm seeing the ability to maintain my acre year round veggie garden now!!!!! I'm so pleased! With 2 small kids and a small acreage to handle, this tool and all the attachments are going to become invaluable! Thank you, thank you!!! Emily Nekl owner at Fuggles Flowers

I bought the Broadfork and Wheelhoe package and was very impressed with the build quality. My first outing with the Broadfork was in our newly erected Polytunnel and the soil was compacted like concrete, the Broadfork made it very easy for me to break it up ready for my Mantis Tiller. The Wheelhoe with the small blade has been great for weeding and also for cutting the sod off areas I am putting into a Veg garden. I highly recommend both these tools for an easier life in the garden. Michael Redmond 



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