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Wheel Hoe

Make weeding fun and easy with the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe.

A wheel hoe is ideal for cultivating close to delicate plant rows and working around shrubs, fruit trees, and pathways. It can also make furrows, hill crops, and loosen compacted soil. Otherwise known as a push plow or garden cultivator, the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe is the Swiss Army Knife of gardening tools. No serious grower should be without one.

Choose your wheel hoe options.

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We make an effective, efficient, economical, and ecological wheel hoe. It is also completely reliable. There is no gas to buy and no expensive maintenance. It's earthworm friendly, easy to use, easy on the soil, easy on your body, and guaranteed to last. Gas-powered garden cultivators can't offer any of that!

FREE SHIPPING for all Wheel Hoes and Wheel Hoe Packages (Contiguous U.S.)
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We've been perfecting our design for over 23 years.

The Valley Oak Wheel Hoe™ offers many unique features overlooked by our competitors:

  • Includes your choice of blade assembly — We recommend the 8" for all-round versatility.
  • "Quick Change" Attachments — On other hoes you need wrenches to change attachments, with the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe simply pull out one pin, remove your attachment and replace with another. Changing attachments takes less than a minute.
  • Ergonomically designed — Reduces fatigue and back strain.
  • Steel Handles — Will never warp, splinter, crack or break like wood.
  • Tempered spring steel blades — Sharpens quickly, and stays sharp much longer than lesser-quality steel.Our Wheel Hoe at work, GRUB CSA Farm
  • T-handle adjusts handle height quickly — No matter how tall you are, you can quickly adjust the tool to your body.
  • Attachments — Everything you need for aerating, crust busting, and weeding.
  • Steel Wheel — Will never go flat, will never crack, can be left in the sun, rain.... and snow.
    • Oil Impregnated Bushings — Self-lubricating axle for smooth, quiet weeding.
    • Mud scraper — Prevents mud from building up on the wheel in wet clay soils.
  • Galvanized steel construction — Will not bend or break, yet it is light enough for small children to use.
  • Replacement Guarantee — Order with total confidence that you're going to be impressed by the craftsmanship, durability, and ease of use. If something breaks, we'll replace it.
  • Made in the U.S.A. — Hand made at our shop in Chico, California.