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5-Tine Broadfork with wood handles

4-Tine Narrrow All Steel Broadfork

You can cultivate your garden soil in peace. 

With the Valley Oak Broadfork™ there is no need for the expense, noise, and pollution of gas-powered equipment.

We offer six models in three different sizes. All our broadforks share the same heavy-duty, welded-steel construction. All are available with either steel or hardwood handles.

Each model of our broadfork will:

  • Deeply aerate soil - our tool aerates 12" deep for greater water and nutrient uptake by your plants.
  • Offer an alternative to double digging - broadforking deeply loosens the soil, removing the need to double dig beds.
  • Increase water percolation for less wasted water.
  • Preserve soil structure for root development and worm habitat which means bigger, more vibrant plants.
  • Replace the need for a rototiller - no need for the noise, gas, fumes, and shaking hands.
  • Require no expensive maintenance - just wash away any soil and store it in a dry place.
  • Be a great asset in small-scale crop production.


 Valley Oak Broadfork Comparison 

Model: 5-Tine 4-Tine Standard 4-Tine Narrow
Wood Handle
-Light weight
-Superior shock absorption
-Easier to use
5-Tine Broadfork with Hardwood Handles 4-Tine Broadfork with Hardwood Handles  4-Tine Narrow Broadfork with Hardwood Handles
Price: $195 (Steel: $235) $180 (Steel: $220) $180 (Steel: $220)
Weight: 17 lbs (Steel: 18 lbs) 15 lbs (Steel: 16 lbs) 14.5 lbs (Steel: 15.5 lbs)
Handle Diameter:  1.5" (Steel: 1.25")  1.5" (Steel: 1.25")  1.5" (Steel: 1.25")
Handle Length:  46.25"  46.25"  46.25"
Overall Length: 59.5" 59.5" 59.5"
Overall Width: 23" 21.5"  19.5" 
Inside Treadbar Width: 19.5" 18"  16.5"
Outside Tine Width: 17.5" 16.5" 15"
Tine Length: 12" 12"  12"
Steel Handle
-Single welded unit
-Excellent durablity
5-Tine Broadfork All Steel 4-Tine Broadfork All Steel 4-Tine Narrow Broadfork All Steel
Model: 5-Tine 4-Tine Standard 4-Tine Narrow

SALE: SAVE $20 on all Steel-Handle Broadforks.