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5-Tine Broadfork with wood handles

4-Tine Narrrow All Steel Broadfork

Get the ultimate garden-digging tool.

With the Valley Oak Broadfork there is no need for the expense, noise, and pollution of gas-powered equipment. 

We offer six models in three different sizes. All our broadforks share the same heavy-duty, welded-steel construction. All are available with either steel or hardwood handles.

Each model of our broadfork will:

  • Deeply aerate soil — our tool aerates 12" deep for greater water and nutrient uptake by your plants.
  • Offer an alternative to double digging — broadforking deeply loosens the soil, removing the need to double dig beds.
  • Increase water percolation for less wasted water.
  • Preserve soil structure for root development and earthworm habitat which means bigger, more vibrant plants.
  • Replace the need for a rototiller — no need for the noise, gas, fumes, and shaking hands.
  • Require no expensive maintenance — just wash away any soil and store it in a dry place.


David using a 5-Tine Broadfork with wood handles.

The Valley Oak Broadfork™ is farm tough and designed for comfortable all-day use. It is built with superior craftsmanship out of the best materials available. We've reinforced all the areas where other forks bend or break. It will make quick work of hardpan and other compacted ground without breaking down the composition of the soil like a rototiller.

A note on handles: We are pleased to be one of the only manufacturers offering broadforks with both wood and steel handles. There are advantages and drawbacks to both styles (see FAQ). The wood handles are American ash from the Tennessee region. Steel handles are made of strong and lightweight chromoly steel. Our steel-handled broadforks are only one pound heavier than our wood-handled models.

All Valley Oak Broadforks are backed by our 5-Year Guarantee.

The Broadfork saves worms!

Why do serious gardeners love our broadfork?

  • ¼” Thick tempered-steel tines — We've put these tines to the ultimate test. Even in roots, rocks, and clay they're nearly impossible to bend.
  • Weighted and balanced for all-day use — We designed the Valley Oak Broadfork to strike the ideal balance between ground-breaking efficiency and all-day ease of use. 
  • 12" Long tines — This is the perfect length for aerating your garden soil. Tines longer than 12" make the tool difficult to use for prolonged periods and for average-size gardeners.
  • 1½" Square treadbar — Round steel is very slippery, especially when wet. A square treadbar creates a more stable place for you to stand and 1½" is plenty wide for your feet to be comfortable and secure.
  • Balanced design, stout handles, reinforced tines, and a wider treadbar — We make a tool that is simple to use, extremely durable, totally reliable, and easy on your body.
  • Human powered, no smelly fumes, no jolting noise, no pollution, and it saves earthworms.
  • No assembly required — Your broadfork will arrive as a single unit (in the Contiguous U.S.). It is ready to go to work, right out of the box.
  • Made in the U.S.A. — Hand made in our shop in Chico, CA. 

Do you have questions? Please call us. We love talking about our tools. You can also see our FAQ and videos.