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  Valley Oak Broadforks feel great in your hands!

   Lightweight, yet plenty tough to break tight ground.

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Midsummer Sale:  Special Prices on all broadforks until October 15, 2015


    Why do our broadforks cost more than most of the competition?  Are they worth the extra money?  They certainly are.  Just like with our wheel hoes, we have combined superior materials, improved design, and attention to detail that you just don't find in other garden tools. Wait a minute!  When you consider our new lower shipping rates, these broadforks are actually less expensive for many of our customers.

The Materials:  The leading broadforks are all using 1/4" alloy steel tines, but most don't offer thin-wall extra-strong chromoly steel handles that are light enough to lug around all day.

The Design:  Our square treadbar is much more comfortable to work with than the rounded ones you can find elsewhere.  The angle of the tines is slightly reduced, making it easier to balance when stepping on the treadbar.  The shape of the tine itself has been sculpted for better soil penetration and lighter overall weight without sacrificing durability.

The Attention to Detail:  We round off all sharp edges;  The tools are sandblasted and powder coated for a comfortable look and feel.

What about our Satisfaction Guarantee?

Each Valley Oak Tool is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the tool under normal wear and tear.  We also give a 6-month full-refund return policy -- FOR ANY REASON.  Don't like it?  Send it back.  We've had this policy for several years and rarely get a return, because our customers would rather keep their tools.  Our customers are thrilled with these tools, and we are confident that you will be, too!

A note about Wood vs Steel handles:  We offer both, however the lightweight chromoly steel handles are definitely tougher. Some folks break one of the wooden handles before they realize the limits, but it is quite rare that they do it again.  Because wood will deteriorate if left in the sun or the rain, we can only guarantee wood handles for 6 months.  If you love wood handles, you can get them, however we generally recommend the steel handles for maximum durability.

Why do serious gardeners love our broadfork?

  • ¼” Thick tempered-steel tines — We've put these tines to the ultimate test. Even in roots, rocks, and clay they're nearly impossible to bend.
  • Weighted and balanced for all-day use — We designed the Valley Oak Broadfork to strike the ideal balance between ground-breaking efficiency and all-day ease of use. 
  • 12" Long tines — This is the perfect length for aerating your garden soil. Tines longer than 12" make the tool difficult to use for prolonged periods and for average-size gardeners.
  • 1½" Square treadbar — Round steel is very slippery, especially when wet. A square treadbar creates amore stable place for you to stand and 1½" is plenty wide for your feet to be comfortable and secure.  
  • Balanced design, stout handles, reinforced tines, and a wider treadbar — We make a tool that is simple to use, extremely durable, totally reliable, and easy on your body.
  • Human powered, no smelly fumes, no jolting noise, no pollution, and it saves earthworms.
  • No assembly required — Your broadfork will arrive as a single unit (in the Contiguous U.S.). It is ready to go to work, right out of the box.
  • Made in the U.S.A. — Hand made in our shop in Chico, CA                 

Have more questions? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us today!

What our customers are saying:

"We have hard packed clay soil with a lot of rock,which makes it very difficult to initially break ground as my wife and I are each under 150 pounds. But after the first time it gets better. It works amazingly well in our established beds. We even used it last weekend to remove sod and establish a garden space in my daughters back yard. We love it!" -- Erik Brown

"I was not sure how this tool was going to perform in my clay soil. It was awesome. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone. It is well worth the money. It is well made and will last many years." -- Darrin Gainer



4-Tine Narrow

(Tines spaced 15")

4-Tine Standard

(Tines spaced 16.5")


(Tines spaced 18")

(48 inch handles)
15 Lbs 15.5 Lbs 16.5 Lbs
Wooden Handled
(48 inch handles)
14 Lbs 14.5 Lbs 15.5 Lbs