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Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

Valley Oak Tools Holiday Gift GuideAre you looking for the perfect gift for the gardener or farmer in your life? Or maybe you want a present for yourself… something to help prepare next year’s garden. Here are a few gift ideas for Santa that will help bring your 2017 garden or small farm to life.

Looking for the perfect tool to break open compacted soil without the noise and fumes of a rototiller? The Valley Oak Broadfork will deeply aerate your soil, increase water percolation, and preserve soil structure without harming earthworms.

4 Tine steel broadfork in the garden.
  • Balanced Design, Reinforced Tines, and a Wide Square Treadbar make our Broadfork easy to handle, durable, reliable, and easy on your body.
  • 1/4" thick tempered steel tines are stiff enough to stay parallel with no twisting or bending.
  • Sculpted, tapered tines reduce the resistance it takes to push the tool into the soil. Less work makes your job easier.
  • Aircraft grade chromoly alloy steel handles are lightweight and super strong.

5-Tine and 4-Tine Broadfork models are available.

"As a 59 year old woman of small stature and crummy knees, I had just about decided my days with the turning fork were numbered. My soil is gravelly creekbed and turning it over each year was back-breaking. This year, with my four-tine broadfork, I had no trouble digging my beds and planting all my spring vegetables in one day!" - Rayann Hickey, Hartsville TN

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Wheel Hoe
A wheel hoe is ideal for weeding and cultivating your garden. Otherwise known as a push plow or garden cultivator, the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe is the Swiss Army Knife of gardening tools.

Valley Oak Wheel Hoe and a Yorkie
  • Steel Construction is built farm-tough.
  • Ergonomic Design reduces back strain.
  • Double Reinforced Galvanized Handles adjust for height without tools.
  • Standard Steel Wheel never goes flat.
  • 8” Blade Assembly, our most versatile attachment, comes with every wheel hoe at no extra charge.
  • Durable, Tempered Spring Steel Blade reverse cuts & is easily sharpened.
  • 12” Wheel gives you much more control than a larger wheel.
  • Quick Change feature lets you change attachments without tools.
  • Replacement Parts come to you factory-direct.
"As our garden has expanded from a small kitchen garden to a small market garden, The Valley Oak Wheel Hoe has smoothed our efforts to prepare, sow and tend our larger plot. I have some garden tools that were my father's and I love picking them up and using them. After two seasons of use, I feel the same way about your wheel hoe." - Tom Faill, Lucky Dog Farm

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Complete Wheel Hoe Package
Garden jobs that once took days will take only hours with the help of our Wheel Hoe and its many attachments. Save money with this Complete Wheel Hoe package instead of buying attachments separately. Package includes a Wheel Hoe with two Blade-Assembly attachments of your choice, a Hiller attachment, a Furrower attachment, and a 4 Tine Cultivator attachment.

  • Complete Blade Assembly or Replacement Blades available in these widths: 5", 8", 8" Tall, 14", 16", 18"
  • The Furrower attaches to the tool bar to make a 4” to 6” wide furrow for transplanting, irrigation, or tuber planting.
  • The Four Tine Cultivator slides onto the tool bar & digs 2" to 5" deep for crust breaking or soil loosening.
  • The Hiller has a curved blade which throws soil to the right, and it throws an estimated three-times as much soil as any other push hiller on the market. has three settings:
    • Flat (for flattening hills)
    • Medium (for moderate hilling)
    • High (for maximum hilling)

Bargain Gifts
We also have good stocking stuffers for gardeners!

Keep garden tools sharp with a 10" Mill Bastard File (only $15) and Speedy Sharp (only $12)


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