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$10 off 4 Tine Standard Steel Broadfork

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Price reduction special on a few select 4 Tine Broad Forks that previously were used with screw inset for removal handles, and they have been welded instead at same joint. Welding marks are not painted over bottom side of broad fork where tines and handles are joined, and bolt holes are visible but not open on handle.

If you would like more visuals we can send you a photo.

The 4-Tine Steel Valley Oak Broadfork breaks up soil, aerates and improves drainage. Built farm tough with superior materials.

The 4-Tine Steel Valley Oak Broadfork will make quick work of hardpan and other compacted soils without breaking down the composition of the soil like a rototiller.

This tool features the same durable construction as the 5-Tine Steel Broadfork, but one fewer tine makes it easier to push into the ground. This increased efficiency makes a difference when you're preparing the soil in your garden for long periods of time.

  • 4 Tines provide easier soil penetration.
  • 12 inch long steel tines.
  • Tines are spaced 5.5 inches apart.
  • 16.5 inches wide tine to tine, 18 inches wide handle to handle (inside).
  • 48 inch long handles, 60 inches total length.
  • 15 pounds.
  • Made in the USA.

$45 Flat Rate Shipping for Broadforks shipped in the continental U.S.

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