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Introducing our Garden Carts made in Oregon

Posted by David Grau on

Oregon Urban Garden Cart on end

We now have Oregon Carts for all your load-hauling needs!

You may have noticed that we now carry high quality Japanese hand tools. Our customers are enthusiastic about them, and you’ve inspired us to find more garden tools that are in the same top-quality category as our wheel hoes and broadforks.

We’re happy to announce that we have found a couple of products that you will find to be as handy and as durable: Garden Carts made in Oregon.

The garden carts are very sturdy, beautiful to look at, and exquisitely balanced for moving heavy loads around your garden or farm. The smaller size fits through a standard 30” doorway and fits nicely in the corner of a garage or shed. Both carts are easy to customize because they are rectangular, made with quality Douglas fir plywood from Oregon.

Oregon Garden Cart close-up

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