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The 5-Tine Valley Oak Broadfork breaks up and aerates heavily compacted soil 12 inches deep.

Our Broadfork is farm tough, but designed for comfortable all-day use. It is built with superior craftsmanship out of the best materials available.  We've reinforced all the areas where other forks bend or break. It will make quick work of hardpan and other compacted ground without breaking down the composition of the soil like a rototiller

This garden tool is built to last. Like all Valley Oak Broadforks, the 5-Tine is backed by our 5-Year Guarantee.

The Broadfork saves worms!

Why Do Serious Gardeners Love Our Broadfork?

  • ¼” Thick tempered-steel tines - We've put these tines to the ultimate test. Even in roots, rocks, and clay they're nearly impossible to bend.
  • Weighted and balanced for all-day use - We designed the Valley Oak Broadfork to strike the ideal balance between ground-breaking efficiency and all-day ease of use. 
  • 12" Long tines - This is the perfect length for aerating your garden soil. Tines longer than 12" make the tool difficult to use for prolonged periods and for average-size gardeners.
  • 1 ½" Square treadbar - A square treadbar (round steel is very slippery, especially when wet) creates a more stable place for you to stand. 1 ½" is plenty wide for your feet to be comfortable, secure, and stable
  • Strong ash handles 1½" diameter - Wood handles are comfortable to use. They give and flex as you work, causing less impact to your body. Wood is unaffected by heat and cold; it's easy to grip.
  • Balanced design, stout wood handles, reinforced tines, and a wider treadbar - We make a tool that is simple to use, extremely durable, totally reliable, and easy on your body.
  • Human powered, no smelly fumes, no jolting noise, no pollution, and it saves earthworms.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Hand made in our shop in Chico, CA. 

This broadfork ships fully assembled to our customers in the Contiguous U.S. It is ready to go to work, right out of the box.

I love it. It's one of the best garden tools I've ever used.  It's really balanced for my body. Thanks for making a good tool. -Todd Dalotto
The engineering is superb as is the quality for the materials and workmanship... I wouldn't trade it for anything I've used in the past to work up a seed bed. -Ted Mattson, Palmer AK
It’s just dandy – I just used it to turn the beds for my potatoes and it worked great. -Jimi Logsdon, Chico CA
Serious gardeners will be pleased with the superb craftsmanship that is so obvious in this tool. I was very impressed with the metal portion: strong thick gussets, sharp robust tines, and a wide hefty stepping platform.  My hard-pan creating, petroleum driven, worm pulverizing mechanized monster has been effectively replaced by this simple tool that maximizes human effort and works with nature… The ease with which one can significantly improve soil composition to a depth of 12" is remarkable.  -Lucas Smith, Boone NC

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  1. Increase Your Garden Production 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2014

    We have been using this tool for the last two seasons at our community garden and have found that the vegetable garden production increased by about 43%. Once we use it to prepare the planting bed in the spring we do not need it until the following year. Our beds are 4 foot wide and the broad fork will cover the bed in two side by side passes. Once we till the bed, we do not step foot on them to avoid soil compaction.

  2. Excellent ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2013

    I decided to go with the broadfork over a rototiller for a few reasons.

    First off, we have a mix of clay and shale, and I know from previously experience that the rototiller has a hard time of it, especially if there are weeds present. The clay clogs up the tines something fierce.

    Secondly, I wanted something with few moving parts, and the broadfork fits that bill. After some hard work with it, I can see the only thing I may ever need to do is replace the handles, but they held up through the abuse I put them through this year.

    Thirdly, this causes less harm to the environment than a motorized option.

  3. I like it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Aug 2012

    I did a garden plot that is new this year. True the sod was dead and had been turned over by a small plow a month before. However the plow probably only went 4 inches deep. I did the 32 by 38 foot plot in 2 days working in the cool part of the day. I did 3 rows with it and then raked it down and planted my cover crop, (Rye). Then did another 3 rows. It is work, but I am 63 and it was not that bad. I could listen to the ipod while I worked and it made the time go by pretty quick.

    I have a bunch of evergreen bushes to remove and think this will come in handy at that time as well.

  4. VERY well made! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Apr 2012

    The handles fit very tight and did not break while lifting a willow tree. I found and removed those rocks that I could hear the rotovator hitting. BIG rocks WAY down in the soil and the gusseted tines did not bend! I'm sure it will hold up a long time. Looking forward to working over the whole garden.

  5. Excellent product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2012

    I purchased the 5 Tine Broadfork in January 2012. This has become my favorite garden tool. The Broadfork is very well made, handles are easy to attach and it is well balanced and actually fun to use. The Broadfork is earth and earthworm friendly because no gasoline is required for operation and there are no bits and pieces of dead earthworms. This product should actually be rated TEN garden purchase ever!

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